Pavlik Harness Nappy Change Kit

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Our Pavlik Harness Nappy Change Kit is the first of its kind, containing all of the tools you need to make nappy changes with a Pavlik Harness a breeze, without unsightly and unhygienic Harness stains.   

Our Pavlik Harness Nappy Change Kit includes:

  • 1 x Leak Protection Nappy Cover
  • 1 x pair of black Leg Covers
  • 1 x roll of black nappy disposal bags
  • 10 x disposable black nitrile gloves


Step 1: Keep it contained

The first tool in the Nappy Change Kit is the Leak Protection Nappy Cover.   We recommend using our Leak Protection Nappy Covers over disposable nappies as an added barrier against blowouts.  With waterproof fabric, double gusseted leg holes and an elastic barrier at the back, you may be able to beat the odds and keep that Pavlik Harness in a respectable state of cleanliness.

When your baby is wearing a Pavlik Harness, try using a disposable nappy that would ordinarily be one size too big for your baby so it sits nice and high around the tummy and back.  Your baby's immobile position should stop the nappy from gaping around the leg holes and our Leak Protection Nappy Cover should effectively hold everything together.

Step 2: Cover that Harness

When you have white Harness straps on your baby's legs and feet, changing a dirty nappy can be risky business.  Use our black Leg Covers to keep those straps well away from the mess and throw them in the wash if they get soiled.  Our Leg Covers will fit most Pavlik Harness babies and they have a cute little cat design along the top.

Step 3: Cover yourself

Do you recall the day you went to do your first dirty nappy change after you baby was put into a Pavlik Harness?  Something so simple suddenly becomes complex when your baby's legs are held wide.  The best and easiest thing to do is to raise your baby's bum by supporting their lower back with your hand.  Our black nitrile gloves give you the freedom to dive right in and get your hands dirty (without actually getting your hands dirty).  Powder and latex free, our medium sized nitrile gloves are one-size-fits-most.


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Customer Reviews (3)

thank goodness for hipsleepers and their products!

My baby is 10 weeks old and has been in a Pavlik Harness for three weeks. He absolutely loves his beanbag and it is a godsend as we can put him down happily while I do quick chores like grab something to eat. He likes the rustling sound of the beans inside the chair which soothes him to sleep! Also the nappy leak protectors are great and serve as short pants in hot weather. Thank goodness for hipsleepers and their products! Alexandra C

Nappy Change Kit

After the first time my hipsleeper sleeping bag had to be washed and urgently!!! Dryed, i jumped online to buy more. Absolutely could not live without it. Also the nappy pants are super cute and ideal for those occasional blowouts. We will be in the brace for atleast 3 months and its nice to know we can dress up still. Shari

Nappy Change Kit

When being told my daughter was in the harness 24/7 poo explosions was the first thing that came to mind with my little miss! She loves to catch me off guard and everything in the pack ensures for a fuss free nappy change (in a fun quirky way) plus the nappy cover which is perfect to protect and ensure we don’t have any leakages and saves us from calling our physio for an emergency harness change! Jackie
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