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The Melbourne Sleep Package

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Melbourne - cold one minute, warm the next.  Be prepared with our Melbourne Sleep Package which includes:

1 x Extra Wide 2.5 Tog Sleeping Bag for cool weather

1 x Love to Dream Hip Harness Transition Bag (1 Tog) for warm weather - the arms zip off for when you no longer need to use a swaddle.

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We donate $1 from every sale to Australia's major not-for-profit organisation devoted to hip dysplasia, Healthy Hips Australia.  We are proud to support Healthy Hips Australia as it is the main source of information and support for families affected by hip dysplasia in Australia.

We also donate $1 from the sale of every Extra Wide 2.5 Tog Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Bag Package deal to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  The IHDI is a collaborative, international, not-for-profit which has a goal to provide education to patients, families and physicians as the most comprehensive and reliable resource for knowledge about hip dysplasia in its various forms.


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Customer Reviews (4)

Highly Recommend

Finding Hipsleepers after our daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia was a godsend! She was fitted into the Pavlik Harness. We purchased the Melbourne Sleep Package and the Pavlik Package. The LTD hip swaddle was fantastic! Especially when she started rolling and wriggling in the brace! The Bean Bag was fantastic and she loved laying on there not squished in. Great quality for everything and amazing price! Highly recommend Krystal H

It definitely helps him sleep

I bought a love to dream 50/50 hip swaddle bag for my son who is 5 months and is in a correctio hip harness for nights and naps. The swaddle bag arrived quickly and is a perfect loose fit. It definitely helps him sleep and it has been a great relief for me to know that he is safely swaddled and happy in bed, even though he’s in a harness. Thanks for having your site and catering for hippie babies, I looked everywhere to get an appropriate sleeping bag for him and I was getting nowhere until I found hipsleepers. Lauren G

thank you

I just want to say thank you. The hipsleeper site was the only one selling a warmer sleeping bag that could fit out 14 month old while wearing a rhino hip-brace and the prices were very reasonable. Best of all, the service was so quick. We recieved our order within 2 days! This was especially great as we had found ourselves quite unexpectedly without any warm sleeping bags as the weather turned. Michelle F

everything fits perfectly

Being new to the world of DDH, I had no idea there were products especially for kids with this. I found the site easy to navigate and found items suitable for my 3 month old's Dennis Browne bar. The Love to Dream 50/50 swaddle has been great and although I haven't yet used the heavier tog sleeping bag in the Melbourne pack ( as it hasn't been that cold since purchasing it) it is great quality. I went by weight as opposed to age when making the purchase (as I have a bigger baby) and everything fits perfectly. Would highly recommend. Melissa B
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