About Us

Our Approach

At Hipsleepers, we care - seriously, we do!  The safety and comfort of your little one is our main priority.  We have set extremely high standards for ourselves and so you can be sure that a product purchased from Hipsleepers is of superior quality and meets Australian safety standards.


Our Story

Hipsleepers was founded in Melbourne in 2017 by Kathy Lee and Jessica England.  Jessica's daughter, Mackenzie, was diagnosed with developmental dysplasia of the hip when she was 8 weeks old and she had to wear a Pavlik Harness for 8 months. Understanding the trials and tribulations of life with a baby in a Pavlik Harness, Kathy and Jessica created Hipsleepers sleeping bags, clothes and accessories to cater for the special needs of babies who are receiving treatment for hip dysplasia including with a Pavlik, Spica, DBB, Rhino or Correctio.