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Blog: The Lighter Side of Hip Dysplasia

Here we are!

Here we are. The face behind the memes and the healthy hipped champ!For those interested, here is a link to our very own DDH story:Our story!- JessFor more posts about life with a baby receiving treatment for developmental dysplasia of the hip, brows
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Feeling down about delayed crawling/walking?

Feeling down about delayed crawling/walking?? Look for the silver lining! You have more time to mentally prepare for the next phase of your life... THE MESS PHASE! The mess phase lasts for many, many years so don't feel the need to rush into it.This
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Tongue in cheek explanation of hip harness, brace or cast

Here's a behind the scenes pic of my model for Hipsleepers' Teddies in Training onesie graphics - one of our toys!! So, why did I make these? Well, I try to show off the lighter side of life with a baby receiving treatment for hip dysplasia. That DDH
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Healthy Hips Day 2018

Do you leave your appointments with no clear recollection/understanding of what was said? This happened to me... ALL. THE. TIME. I think baby brain is to blame.This is why parents of babies with hip dysplasia head online to find information, answers
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Hip Dysplasia baby onesies!

We are so excited to be releasing our specialty short and long sleeve onesies in the next 1-2 weeks (12 - 19 October).  Our onesies have higher cut leg holes to accommodate harnesses, braces and casts and to stop onesies from digging into the to
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