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Blog: The Lighter Side of Hip Dysplasia

The case of the missing hip dysplasia clothes

It shouldn't be so hard to find clothes for babies in hip harnesses, braces and casts!  We are hoping to get some wonderful hip dysplasia rompers from Hip Pose in our hot little hands very soon - stay tuned!- JessFor more posts about life with a
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Braced babies can live normal lives!

It's hard to imagine at the beginning but your baby will still be able to live a relatively normal life and enjoy learning about the world despite the hip harness, brace or cast. Zaeli here couldn't be happier! Thank you to Danica (Instagram handle @
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Our website is broken! Nnnooooooooooooooooo! Everything is incorrectly showing as "out of stock". We are working on getting it fixed up as soon as possible. If you were hoping to order something, you can send us an email at admin@hipsleepers.com.au a
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Beating the rhino brace

And she's up! Clever little Mila Rae is not going to be stopped by the rhino brace. Go girl! Thank you to mum Kristen (Instagram handle @sincerely_kristenleigh) for letting us share this inspirational pic! For more posts about life with a baby recei
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Kathy Lee and Jessica England - Hipsleepers founders

Here we are, the faces behind Hipsleepers!Kathy takes care of the books and she packs and sends out all of our orders.I spend my time dreaming up hip dysplasia memes and new product ideas.What a great team!- JessFor more posts about life with a baby
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