Extra Wide 2.5 TOG Sleeping Bag

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Our roomy & cozy 2.5 tog sleeping bags are wide enough to accommodate babies undergoing many types of treatment for hip dysplasia.

The cotton interlock outer and lining on our extra wide sleeping bags is incredibly soft and luxurious!


Our 2.5 tog hip dysplasia baby sleeping bags come in three sizes:

  1.   Small: Size 000 – 00. This size is for babies aged 0 – 6 months, weighing 4 – 8kgs with a height of 62-68cms.
  2.   Medium: Size 0 – 1. This size is for babies aged 6 – 18 months, weighing 8 – 12kgs with a height of 68 – 84cms.
  3.   Large: Size 2. This size is for toddlers aged 18 – 30 months with a height of 84 – 92cms.

Please choose your sleeping bag based on your child's size as opposed to their age.


Our 2.5 tog sleeping bags are ideal for rooms between 16 – 20 degrees Celsius (60 - 68 degrees Fahrenheit).

For 1 tog sleeping bags, check out Love to Dream's 50/50 Hip Harness Swaddle which converts into a regular sleeping bag when you remove both arms/wings.


You will need to ensure that your baby is dressed appropriately underneath your 2.5 tog sleeping bag to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety. You will also need to take your baby’s harness/brace/cast into consideration as this may impact the level of clothing required for your baby. Do not let your baby overheat.

  • 16 degrees Celsius – singlet + long sleeved, long legged PJs/onesie/romper
  • 18 degrees Celsius – long sleeved, long legged PJs/onesie/romper
  • 20 degrees Celsius – long sleeved, short legged PJs/onesie/romper

This is a guide only.


  1.   This sleeping bag is for use in a cot or crib without additional bedding.
  2.   Put your baby down to sleep on their back – never face down or on their side.
  3.   Keep your baby’s cot free from toys, pillows, blankets and other loose items to ensure that your baby’s face remains clear and uncovered at all times.
  4.   Ensure your baby’s sleeping bag is the right size. If a sleeping bag is too big around the neck, your baby may be able to wriggle down or out of it which could be hazardous for your baby.
  5.   Do not use a sleeping bag if the fastenings are damaged.
  6.   Ensure your baby does not overheat. Use the right weight sleeping bag for your baby’s room temperature and dress your baby appropriately (view our room temperature and clothing guides below).
  7.   Do not let your child overheat.
  8.   Keep away from fire.


This product complies with the following safety standards

  1. AS/NSZ 1249:2014


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We donate $1 from every sale to Australia's major not-for-profit organisation devoted to hip dysplasia, Healthy Hips Australia. We are proud to support Healthy Hips Australia as it is the main source of information and support for families affected by hip dysplasia in Australia.

We also donate $1 from the sale of every Extra Wide 2.5 Tog Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Bag Package deal to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. The IHDI is a collaborative, international, not-for-profit which has a goal to provide education to patients, families and physicians as the most comprehensive and reliable resource for knowledge about hip dysplasia in its various forms.


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Customer Reviews (17)

Luckily, I found Hipsleepers

When I was told my 5 month old daughter had hip dysplasia I had 1 week to get prepared for her surgery and our spica cast journey. I felt really overwhelmed! Luckily, I found Hipsleepers where I could buy all the essentials in one place. They have been great to deal with and everything arrived quickly. Additionally, the quality of the products is great. I hope this company continues to grows. Thanks Hipsleepers. Anna M

Thank you for selling your products

Thank you for selling your products. The sleeping bag, leg warmers and bean bag help to keep my little one comfortable whilst in the DBB. magda

Thank you for great quality products

Our daughter is 4 months old and currently has been given the Denis Browne brace for hip dysplasia. Think she has 40% in her right hip. Her left hip is fine. We are one week down, and it has been tough going. However, the sleeping bag and bean bag has made things just that little bit easier, and every little bit helps an extraordinary amount. Thank you for great quality products. Paul

Thankyou so much

Hello - just want to say a huge thankyou for my recent purchase. My boy is in a pavlik harness and I was having trouble keeping him warm of a night - I purchased a 2.5 tog sleeping bag and he is a lot more comfortable and warm of a night now (no more 4am wakings). Thankyou so much for providing us with sleeping gear for our hippy babies. The service was super quick. Thanks again Christie


Its AMAZING im in love bub has only had 2 sleeps in it but she is sleeping so much better i think she like to be nice and warm. I use it with her LTD hip swaddle and i think its a perfect combo Emma
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