2 x Leak Protection Nappy Covers

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Babies in hip harnesses, braces and casts often have their nappy on display.  Cover that nappy up with a bright, colourful print or a more subdued style for layering.  Hipsleepers Leak Protection Nappy Covers come in a wide range of colours and patterns in both super soft minky and smooth PUL fabric.  

We recommend using Hipsleepers Leak Protection Nappy Covers over disposable nappies as an added barrier against blowouts.  With waterproof fabric, double gusseted leg holes and an elastic barrier at the back, you may be able to beat the odds and keep that harness or brace in a respectable state of cleanliness.

When your baby is wearing a Pavlik Harness, try using a disposable nappy that would ordinarily be one size too big for your baby so it sits nice and high around the tummy and back.  Your baby's immobile position should stop the nappy from gaping around the leg holes and our Leak Protection Nappy Cover should effectively hold everything together.


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Our Leak Protection Nappy Covers are one-size-fits-all.  Press studs allow you to adjust the size so that it is the perfect fit for your baby, even when the hip dysplasia treatment has finished!  Our regular Nappy Covers can also be worn on the outside of a most baby spica casts up to around 6 months and we offer a larger "spica size" in some styles for babies in spica casts aged 6 months+.


We donate $1 from every sale to Australia's major not-for-profit organisation devoted to hip dysplasia, Healthy Hips Australia.  We are proud to support Healthy Hips Australia as it is the main source of information and support for families affected by hip dysplasia in Australia.


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Customer Reviews (11)

keeping the harness clean is EVERYTHING

We are so grateful for Hipsleepers! Getting the news that our child had hip dysplasia was pretty scary. We had to relearn how to diaper her, hold her, care for her growing body. Despite how common hip dysplasia is, there aren't a lot of great products out there, but Hipsleepers was just so helpful. Traditional nappy covers don't cut it, and keeping the harness clean is EVERYTHING. We are so very grateful for the thoughtful and adorable options on the website. Keep up the great work! Miriam G

Thank you for making the whole process easier

Your products are great! The beanbag is lovely and soft, and washes well. The nappy covers are the best! We purchased two and my sister purchased a couple from you too, so we can mix and match the patterns and colours with my daughters tops, very cute and stylish! And the bum care cleanser is also great. I really miss bathing my daughter, but at least I know her bum is as clean as it can be with the cleanser. I’m so happy there is a local Australian owned business that provides these products for hip dysplasia babies. Thank you for making the whole process easier with your great products and support of our little hip community. Dan L

We cannot thank you enough

We cannot thank you enough for creating something in the market that makes life more comfortable for our baby girl. The journey thus far has been everything and nothing we have expected and to have a place to go to buy products has been a relief for all three of us. Jessie was 6 months old when she was diagnosed with HipDisplacia and had a Pavlic Harness fitted. We are now 1 month into a 6month journey. The bean bag is the best product by far! Jessie has vomited all over herself sitting in the bean bag and the fact that the top zips off and has a protective lining is a blessing. It means when we mess food or she vomits we just need to wash the top part not the entire bean bag! The orders we have made have been delivered to us very quickly which helps a lot. Vicky L

Very grateful

Hi, my grand daughter was diagnosed with hip displacia at 8 weeks old and was fitted with s DBB brace. I purchased the bean bag, the swaddles and the nappy covers and we are extremely happy with everything and I will be buying more . I didn’t know anything about the brace and what my grand daughter needed , Jessica was very helpful and took the time to educate me about the products too. I would highly recommend Hipsleepers to anyone! Mary

Thank you!

My daughter Essie has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia at the age of 3 months. As a doctor I am familiar with the condition and the treatment but found it a had a huge emotional impact on me putting my baby in a Pavlik harness. One of the things I was finding challenging was fitting into our old sleeping bags, which then affected Essie’s sleep. After discovering the Hipsleepers website including the Love To Dream harness swaddle I felt a lot better that I knew there were products that would be helpful for us during this difficult time and that these same issues we were having are shared by lots of others. Just knowing this and that so much effort had been put towards helping families with hip dysplasia through Hipsleepers helped me feel a lot better. Although it is a relatively common condition and the outcomes are often very good it is still hard seeing your baby in a harness especially when they are just starting to become more aware of their surroundings and more active. We are very appreciative of the work you’ve done founding Hipsleepers! Thank you! Carla M
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