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Blog: The Lighter Side of Hip Dysplasia

Spot the Pavlik Harness

This is our Santa photo from 2015. I vividly remember Santa handing Kenzie back to me and saying "she needs a nappy change". Shaaaaaaaame! Feel free to share your Santa pics with your little hipsters!For more posts about life with a baby receivi
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Girls are more likely to get hip dysplasia

Did you know that girls are 4 times more likely to have hip dysplasia than boys*?? This little hipster Billy doesn't seem to mind. Thank you to @spangie_kate for letting us share this gorgeous pic!* According to the International Hip Dysplasia I
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Every parent at the start of their baby's DDH journey

An acurate depiction of how it feels when you're trying to find your feet for the first week after your baby is put into their hip harness, brace or cast...For more posts about life with a baby receiving treatment for developmental dysplasia of the h
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Kathy: Co-Founder and Chief Package Packer

This is Kathy, Hipsleepers co-founder and chief package packer. When you order something from Hipsleepers, Kathy packs it, wraps it up like a little present and then she lovingly carries it to the post office in much the same way as she is pictured h
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Are you getting sleep?

Is everyone getting a good night's sleep? We normally get orders at all hours of the night when mums are up late feeding bub but lately your orders are coming in during the day. Does this mean that everyone is sleeping through???? This is a pic
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