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Hot weather tips - hip dysplasia baby edition

Here are our tips to get you through a spell of hot weather when you have a baby in a hip harness, brace or cast:

Tip 1: Invest in a Dreambaby foam pram fan or 5 ($10) and take it with you everywhere, especially for car rides, to take the edge off.

Tip 2: Use the cold setting on a hairdryer to circulate cool air through a spica cast and dry up sweaty skin. You could also invest in a Cast Cooler ($36 + shipping) if your baby's cast is made of "breathable" material.

Tip 3: If your baby has hair, keep it damp and turn on the fan.

Tip 4: Keep exposed skin damp with a spray bottle (e.g. head, arms, chest and feet.

Tip 5: Put a wet facewasher on the back of baby's neck, forehead and/or feet. You can cool the facewasher down by putting it in the fridge for a few minutes first.

Tip 6: Change positions regularly so that baby doesn't get an extra sweaty back.

Tip 7: Use clothes and cot sheets made from 100% cotton.

Tip 8: If you're still swaddling, try to transition to arms out ASAP.

Tip 9: Go to shopping centres, the library, etc and take advantage of their airconditioning.

Tip 10: If you don't have airconditioning at home, invest in a portable airconditioner for baby's room. You can get some as cheap as $59 - do some internet shopping for different options. You could even get a bargain secondhand on Gumtree.

Tip 11: Give baby a chilled teether to chew on ($5 - $10 from Target).

Tip 12: Use a pet cooling mat!! These things are great, just ignore the dogs on the packaging. You can get them from heaps of places including Kmart (small ones are $12, large are $20).

Good luck!

Special thanks to Jackie for sharing some great tips and letting us use this gorgeous pic of baby Harper.

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