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Babies undergoing treatment for hip dysplasia are generally immobile. As the name suggests, our Supportive Bean Seats provide a supportive, comfortable place for your child to lay back and relax or sit up. Conveniently move it around the house or even take it outside and when you're not using it, simply kick it out of the way.

Our Supportive Bean Seats are perfect for all babies, not just those with hip dysplasia, so you will get plenty of use out of it, even if your baby's treatment has come to an end.

Our Supportive Bean Seat is made of a lush velvet top and sturdy, hard-wearing canvas base. It also includes:

  • a removable, mesh bag to securely hold the beans.
  • a removable top cover for easy cleaning.
  • a safety harness.
  • safety zips on the outer shell and inner mesh lining to prevent children from accessing the beans.


Please note: beans are not included, the Supportive Bean Seat will be shipped to you unfilled.  You can purchase beans from all major discount department stores, approximately 50-75 litres of beans are required depending upon how firm you would like your Supportive Bean Seat to be.


Our Supportive Bean Seats are 52 centimetres wide at the section where your baby's legs would sit which is generally wide enough to comfortably accommodate babies in a harness/brace from 0 to 12 months (but usually older) and babies in a spica cast up to 8 months.

The Bean Seat's dimensions are 52cm(w)x73cm(l)x44cm(h)


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Our Supportive Bean Seats comply with Australian and New Zealand safety standards and include child safety zippers.


We donate $1 from every sale to Australia's major not-for-profit organisation devoted to hip dysplasia, Healthy Hips Australia. We are proud to support Healthy Hips Australia as it is the main source of information and support for families affected by hip dysplasia in Australia.


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Customer Reviews (21)

Thank you for making the whole process easier

Your products are great! The beanbag is lovely and soft, and washes well. The nappy covers are the best! We purchased two and my sister purchased a couple from you too, so we can mix and match the patterns and colours with my daughters tops, very cute and stylish! And the bum care cleanser is also great. I really miss bathing my daughter, but at least I know her bum is as clean as it can be with the cleanser. I’m so happy there is a local Australian owned business that provides these products for hip dysplasia babies. Thank you for making the whole process easier with your great products and support of our little hip community. Dan L

We cannot thank you enough

We cannot thank you enough for creating something in the market that makes life more comfortable for our baby girl. The journey thus far has been everything and nothing we have expected and to have a place to go to buy products has been a relief for all three of us. Jessie was 6 months old when she was diagnosed with HipDisplacia and had a Pavlic Harness fitted. We are now 1 month into a 6month journey. The bean bag is the best product by far! Jessie has vomited all over herself sitting in the bean bag and the fact that the top zips off and has a protective lining is a blessing. It means when we mess food or she vomits we just need to wash the top part not the entire bean bag! The orders we have made have been delivered to us very quickly which helps a lot. Vicky L

This bean bag has been an absolute life saver!!

We are really happy with our bean bag thank you! My daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at her 6 week check up with the pediatrician. She was then fitted with a Pavlik harness. This harness made it very difficult for me to hold her for long periods of time, nor did she want to be held all the time in this heat! She was also getting frustrated at lying down on a playmat all the time. She is now 12 weeks old and so comfortable in her bean bag as she has lots of space, is seated in an upright position and I can easily move her to any room in the house (wherever I go) and she can watch what's going on. We also read books and play with toys in her bean bag. This bean bag has been an absolute life saver!! I would highly highly recommend it to all parents with babies in harnesses as it gives you so many more options for "awake time". In saying that, I'm sure we'll still use it when she's out of the harness as it's so comfy for her! Annabelle F

it seems very well made

The bean seat is for my granddaughter and so far so good. The only problem has been the heat - I think it will be used more when it cools down a bit. However - it seems very well made and I think will be very useful in the months to come. I think the brace is a Rhino Brace. She has been in int for about 3 months and will probably be in it for another 3 months. Jane A

makes her happy

My purchases have been amazing! She loved the love to dream swaddles prior to going in the palvik harness and we found she was so restless with out it once she went in it. Also the bean bag had been great as my daughter loves to look around so be propped up on that makes her happy she is 8weeks old Amy T
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