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We've combined our two most frequently purchased double packs for extra savings!  

The Double Up Package includes

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Customer Reviews (9)

I just love the Hipsleepers Nappy covers

We received our Hipsleepers last week, yes we are happy with them, it’s funny 7 year’s ago my first child my daughter had Hip Dysplasia and I looked everywhere for clothing like yours, but nothing the only thing I found was a site and they sold just normal leg warmers so I bought 6 pairs all different colours little lace ones and that’s what I use to put on my daughter with dresses. And this time around I was looking for leg warmers again, and I came across your site I just love the Hipsleepers Nappy covers cause this time around it’s my second child who is a boy and he is now 4 & 1/2 months and the Nappy covers are super great for the boys, so we don’t have those little accidents which keeps our harness nice and dry :) So my little boy is 4 &1/2 months had the Pavlik Harness placed on at 8 weeks old. Rebecca C

great quality

Totally happy with my purchase especially the leg warmers great quality Alivya is coming up 22mths and is currently in a DBB Amy B

thank goodness for hipsleepers and their products!

My baby is 10 weeks old and has been in a Pavlik Harness for three weeks. He absolutely loves his beanbag and it is a godsend as we can put him down happily while I do quick chores like grab something to eat. He likes the rustling sound of the beans inside the chair which soothes him to sleep! Also the nappy leak protectors are great and serve as short pants in hot weather. Thank goodness for hipsleepers and their products! Alexandra C

Glad to have found this site!

My baby was 11 weeks when we started the Denis Browne brace. I got a couple of pairs of leg warmers and nappy covers. We use the leg warmers often. I like that it’s soft and thick and the elastic is not too tight. It’s great for Melbourne weather especially when it’s one of those days where the weather can’t decide if it wants to be cold or hot! I can put on or remove them easily depending on the weather. I have yet to use the nappy covers because of weather but the design and texture is nice. I couldn’t really find anything with a similar quality or choice of colours for the price. Delivery was quick and even better that it’s free! Glad to have found this site! May

super helpful

Lily is nearly 10 weeks old and in the Pavlik Harness. The leg warmers have been so helpful for those slightly chillier days. Lily is quite a petite babe (even with the harness) so the onesie’s and the nappy covers are a bit big for her at the moment but they are handy to have with me given she keeps growing. It’s so good to have a site like yours to go to to get what you need for the bubs who have to wear some form of support to repair their hips. It can be a daunting experience for the parents so this is super helpful. Thank you Suzanna
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